10 Instagrammable Cafes in Seminyak

The favourite past time of so many young individuals, hunting for the best cafe for the best photo op, and hope to god they have some good food… what a time to be alive!! Don’t worry I’m guilty of this, too, and you shouldn’t have to worry at all about the good food part either! This is why I’ve put together a list of your top cafes in Seminyak to smile and snap that photo!

1. Paperboy Bali

What a better back drop than a bright pink and tropical leaf painted wall?? via @_molliet

2. Balibola

The catch phrase here is “Not Another Instagram Wall”. IS there some kind of hidden message they’re trying to tell us? via myself  @jessiekoehler

3. Shelter Cafe

Need more food content on your gram? Then Shelter Cafe Bali has you covered! Via @lucreziaworthington

4. Folie Cafe

Boys can have fun too! These colours are just so pleasing aren’t they? So are the afternoon tea sets too! Via @smashpop

5. Mannaka Bali

Whats better than puppies in cafes? Literally nothing! The simple design of this little coffee stop sure packs a punch! Via @mannaka.bali x @corgimadeinheaven

6. Sea Circus Bali

Vintage vibes and vibrant with @joannalilyx, not to mention their food is all the rage!

7. Motel Mexicola

Not exactly a cafe per say, but if you’re in the area you must stop! This place is screaming for a photo op with you as the main star! Via @ganiaputriii

8. Revolver Espresso

Not your average Bali coffee shop. The only thing fem about this coffee stop is this wall. Via @onadioleonardo_official 

9. The Junction House

Feeling a moody vibe? Then head over to the Junction House via @nazvoyage.

10. The Coffee Cartel

Last but not least! Grab a friend, strike a pose! Or don’t, and just drink your coffee. But does it count being there if you didn’t take a photo? Thats for you to decide! Head over to the new Mini Coffee Cartel located in Legian, via @pearliewhitee

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