5 Ramen Shops To Try in Tokyo

Ramen, the slippery, fulfilling noodle soup that many around the world have come to know and love! If you are living under a rock, you seriously need to try this dish. Can be made to suit most peoples needs, whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or meat eater there’s usually a bowl just for you.

I will say that ramen is my solo night out dinner experience, as well as my “I have a MAJOR hangover” and I need this bowl of rich soup to bring me back to LIFE! If you know, then you know.

If you ever have the pleasure to go to the mecca of ramen noodle shops then this post is for you! Tokyo can be very overwhelming so I’ll be sharing mine, and many peoples’ top shops for slurping in Tokyo.

1. Menko Ushio

Ushio Menko became instantly popular after its’ opening in 2010. The bowl to try at Ushio is the Nihon-ichi shoyu soba ramen. It’s a blend of new age modern ramen and traditional. The high quality ingredients make this a showstopper! Which includes high grade kelp from Hokkaido, unpasteurised soy sauce that’s left to age, smoked duck meat, and medium-thick noodles that encompass a wonderful umami flavour. At must try located 1 minute away from the Awajicho Station. Click for address.

2. Nakiryu Ramen

Nakiryu is a famous Michelin starred shop famous for ‘DanDan’ style ramen or rather tantanmen. However, their Sanramen is the ramen to try here which is a sour and spicy style ramen with add on options such as coriander, soy egg, shrimp and pork wonton, kujo leek, and much more. This shop has grown so many followers that they’ve even produced an instant version of their popular noodle soups. The real deal? Or just the cup! This place is worth the visit, located here

3. Tastsunoya

Let’s talk Tonkotsu! MY favourite kind of ramen out of them all. The richness of the pork broth, the thin noodles, and for some reason I just adore kikurage (type of wood ear mushroom)! I always ask for extra since I usually leave out the pork chashu. Tatsunoya keeps it traditional serving up some of the best tonkotsu ramen. Better yet? If you aren’t able to fly all the way to Tokyo you can visit their Pasadena, California location. 🙂 Click here for Tokyo location. 

4. Afuri Ramen

Afrui ramen, you’ll recognise this name as they have several shops across Tokyo. They too have even moved into the western counterparts in the US. Some have given this shop the name ‘The King of Refreshing Ramen’ because they use yuzu, which is a type of citrus in East Asia, and the key to creating this light bowl of ramen. The Yuzu Shoyu Ramen is the recommended dish. Head over to their Ebisu location here

5. Menya Itto

Last, but very not least! Tsukemen.. maybe you’ve heard of it.. maybe you haven’t? But 100000% you should try it! This type of ramen is right up there with Tonkotsu Ramen for me. The long queues in Tokyo at Menya Itto ramen shop day and night tells me that this just isn’t one of my favourites either. This “deconstructed” ramen is all kinds of right with its’ medium thick wavy noodles cooked to perfection, the chicken and seafood broth soup is simmered for hours, and the toppings are well balanced to no over power base. Tsukemen or “dipping noodles” is literally taking a scoop of noodles and dipping them into the soup. It’s proper to play with your food here! Ha! This shop is located within just a few minutes walking distance from the Shin-Kiowa station here