Perfect Weekend Escape: Palm Springs

It’s the height of summer, and all you can possibly think about is kicking back and sipping on some cool cocktails in the sun. I can almost hear the sound of the ice cubes tumbling in that sleek tin can. *hot bartender photo not included* 🙂

However, time has flown by and between summer BBQs, and work; you’ve literally planned nothing. You’re starting to see your friends feeds of them frolicking in the waves, bar hoping in another city, visiting national parks, and some serious FOMO is starting to set in. Not to worry though, if you live in the US Southwest, you are in luck of a perfect weekend getaway that will likely teleport your mind to a completely ‘far out’ destination. I’m talking Palm Springs. Yes, the once, and may still be, retirement community in the middle of the desert in California. In the golden years people from all over flocked to this area of California, and now the trend is happening all over again.

When driving to Palm Springs by car from either Arizona, Nevada, or even California you may have thoughts that cross your mind like “where in the F are we going?”, or “what in the F is even out here thats worth while??”. But rest assured once you cross the city boundaries you’re immediately taken to a completely different world from the aired desert you just drove through.

Palm Springs Map

Driving times for major surrounding cities.

This little desert oasis will take you back to another time, and feel like you’re right at home while giving you that escape you need. The town is small, and quiet at times depending on when you visit. Though there isn’t lack of accommodations to meet your needs.

This year was the first time I’ve ever visited Palms Springs since the 5 years I’ve lived on the west coast, and I’ve already gone twice! Both times I stayed in different hotels less than 3 blocks from each other, and yet both hotels had a totally different vibe. The first time I went was a getaway with the boyfriend who was a bit apprehensive of Palm Springs because he didn’t know if it was worth going in the first place. Second time around was a girls retreat for my girlfriends birthday, it too couldn’t have been more perfect.

When to stay?

IMO between February and May are perfect times to visit, as well as late August through early November. Palm Springs is in the desert, which means temperatures here tend to soar in the mid summer months. That also means you can find killer deals on hotels. Not that it is very expensive to stay anyway.

Where to stay?

Like I said before Palms Springs has several options of where to stay. Also the style of hotel you prefer is practically endless. I’ve never seen a more diverse style of hotels in one area. There’s the posh, boho chic, moroccan, vintage, retro, modern, you name it Palms Springs hotels’ has it covered. Not to mention Palms Springs is relatively inexpensive, too! Unless, of course, if you stay at the super swanky Ritz-Carlton that sits on the hill top with sweeping views of the valley, even then you’re only paying up to $400/night.

I, myself, prefer to stay in the heart of city where the vibe is chill and the comfort of different bars and restaurants are nearby.

One of my favorite hotels happen to be the Avalon Hotel and Bungalows (formerly the Viceroy). It’s location is off the main road down a quiet street, but the hotel itself has that perfect mix of relaxation and a sort of upbateness to it from the restaurant pool bar Chi-Chi. One of the best features of this hotel are the individual bungalows located on the outskirts of the property. These are the bleep!! Perfect for a girls trip or a trip with your significant other. We were offered to stay at one of the bungalows of the property which typically run around $400/night. They come equipped with separate bedroom, living area; separate dining and kitchen area; as well as, feature two patios, fireplace, and even a powder room! The design of these rooms have a take on the Palms Springs golden age mixed with a touch of Hollywood regency style. The renowned interior designer Kelly Wearnstler knew exactly how to portray this image when designing these rooms.

Avalon Hotel and Bungalows- Hotel/Bungalow Photos
  • Front entrance to Avalon Hotel

  • Bungalow

  • Entrance to the Bungalow

  • Sitting area in the bungalow

  • Parlor room with kitchen in the background

  • Another bedroom view

  • White chic bedroom with blackout shades

  • Cozy bathroom

  • One of the three pools at Avalon

Even if you don’t want to splurge on one of these bungalows, rooms start at a mere $120/night. There isn’t a bad room on property. Everything is in a such close proximity that you won’t feel left out not having a bungalow.

This is by far one of my favorite hotels in Palm Springs. Its also so much fun taking photos here, everything is so bright and colorful. Another great addition to the stylish bungalows are the three on property hotel pools that all guests have access too.

Avalon Hotel pool

Bikini– Amuse Society, Choker & Sunnies– Urban Outfitters, T-shirt– Nordstrom

Korakia Pensione

The second hotel I stayed at was the Korakia Pensione, just a few streets further from the main road. It is a retreat unlike any other in Palm Springs. This Moroccan/Mediterranean- style resort has fashion bloggers alike flocking from all over the world visiting here to take photos of this picturesque property. The white wash buildings, adorned with refurbished wood, flow fountains, and bougainvillea vines set the scene for beautiful and peaceful photographs.

As you can see there isn’t enough good things to say about the uniqueness of this property. Each room is individually decorated with vintage and handmade items sourced from all over the world. At around $150+/night with daily made or order breakfast included with be a crowd pleaser.

  • Korakia Pemisone

  • Front to our Suite

  • Inside Sahara room at Korakia

  • Looking out our patio at the Korakia

  • Korakia Pensione pool connected to lobby

  • Morning breakfast daily at Korakia, a perfect way to start the morning. Made to order.

Top PonP Picks to do in Palm Springs:

  • First and foremost just relax
  • Visit the endless design stores in Palm Springs, get a glimpse of all the cool retroness you can find
  • Shainghai Red’s restaurant- is it a jazz bar? A Chinese restaurant? A seafood joint? You’ll just have to find out.
  • Go on a hike
  • For more flashback fun go to the most popular tiki bar in town: Bootlegger Tiki

Hope you will enjoy your summer vacation, whatever it is you decide to do. Just get out there and explore! Comment below on your favorite Palm Springs hotels, or activities you like to do.